Finishing & Inspection

Quality Philosophy

Our company believes that the best product can be manufactured by empowering skilled personnel with the job of making the part right.

This does not mean that a final inspection is not conducted, but rather the final inspection only certifies the accuracy that our craftsmen have attained.

The checks and balances employed by our company during the in process manufacturing of the roll(s) assures that the part is made right- the first time.

The company works to a quality monitoring system that meets or exceeds ISO 9001:2015 requirements from mill certification to final hardness inspection and case depth.

Precision Rolls will provide certificates of compliance for every roll produced.

Independent Testing

Where independent testing of the roll or part is required, our company has a complete complement of third party technicians available for inspection utilizing Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiographic Testing (x-ray), Magnetic Particle (Mag Particle).

Additionally, case depth analysis and certification utilizing micro polishing techniques are available and utilized often by the company.

Exacting Tolerances

Our company monitors the condition of micrometers employed in the manufacturing process.

This is a large task requiring dedication by the Quality Assurance department, with hundreds of micrometers varying from less than 1″ (25mm) to 60″ (1.5m) in service.

From this ongoing monitoring and control, the company is capable of standing behind its slogan –
“Our name is your Guarantee”.