Roll Refurbishing

Roll Refurbishing

Having been in the business for over 45 years, we can lay claim to the successful rebuilding of more than 95 percent of our customer’s machine components that were brought to us for assessment. We accomplished this through precision grinding, chrome plating or thermal spraying the worn surfaces of the part.

Precision Rolls’ uniqueness comes from its employee’s vast knowledge of reclaiming rolls and other machine components employed in virtually any industrial application.

Harder Surfaces

With our onsite chrome plating and thermal spraying capabilities we can assure you that the re-manufactured (re-conditioned) part will have a harder surface for even greater extended wear resistance than when the part was originally manufactured.

Special Textures

From our many years of development, Precision Rolls is able to provide specialized chrome plated finishes including KRODON COATINGS from #1 to #5, matte chrome, post plated blast coatings as well as ground, polished and super finished mirror surfaces.

Chill/Cooling Rolls Re-Shelling

In addition to all surface repair work available at Precision Rolls, our experience craftsmen have developed the specialized techniques needed to re-shell an undersized, double walled, cooling roll.

This service allows you to save on the material and fabrication costs by re-using the inner shell and flight assembly.

To reduce future corrosion wear we can epoxy paint or electroless nickel plate all exposed parts of the cooling roll.

Quick Turnaround

The refurbishing in addition to being less expensive than the new part, can be accomplished in a fraction of the time required to manufacture the part.

Time savings result from the material acquisition and fabrication/machining time necessary for the making of the new part.